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Wenzhou Xinrong

  • Tel:+86-0577-62323627
  • Email:xrdz@xr-elec.com

Through repeated efforts, we will create a perfect new image of Xinrong brand!

Unremitting efforts and outstanding achievements; Fearless of hardships, fruitful;

Every bit of hard work, every bit of harvest; Every progress,

Every success embodies the efforts and sweat of all Xinrong people!

To forge a perfect new image of Xinrong brand

2021-12-2 鑫荣-定稿_10.jpg

2021-12-2 鑫荣-定稿_09.jpg2021-12-2 鑫荣-定稿_08.jpg

2023年 ISO 14001 151amjs澳金沙门-E_Password_Removed_页面_2 - 副本.jpg

2023年 ISO 45001 151amjs澳金沙门-S_Password_Removed_页面_2 - 副本.jpg

 ISO 14001

 ISO 45001